Ownership Guide - The Pavilions Residences - Phuket Ownership Guide



The aim of The Pavilions Phuket Residences is to ensure that Owners enjoy all the convenience, peace of mind and stress-free living that The Pavilions Hotels & Resorts Property Management Team can offer.  Through sharing our expertise, experience and high service standards, we are here to provide bespoke aftersales services to tailor to each owners needs.  Select from a variety of offerings that enhance both experience and overall asset value.


When purchasing a villa at The Pavilions Phuket Residences, the asset will be held under two separate agreements which are split 40% (Land Lease) and 60% (Sales & Purchase Agreement for the Asset/Villa).


In Phuket, there are certain criteria which have to be met in order to qualify for the mortgage finance. Namely the title to the property will have to be taken in the name of a Hong Kong or BVI corporation to allow a pledge of the shares to the Lender. A further personal guarantee may be necessary though not always mandatory.

The Pavilions Phuket Residences is offering developer finance for up to 50% of the total contract price. The term of the finance will be up to 5 years at an interest rate of 6% per annum, repayable by monthly instalments and a commitment fee of BVI 1% to cover legal fees. Supply of a Hong Kong or BVI Corporation can be arranged at cost price. The furniture package will also be included in the finance as you are purchasing a “turn-key” villa.


Both three & four-bedroom villas come with a 5% net two year guaranteed return for the first two years. Net is defined as total revenue generated less management & operating* less sales commission (10%), and less VAT (@7%). However, the owner will be responsible for additional services required during personal use days such as breakfast, daily or weekly maid services and pool cleaning etc.

*Management fee includes property maintenance e.g. pool cleaning and garden up keep
*Utility / Operating costs include pool maintenance, gardening, water & electric, cable television, and internet fees based on The Pavilions Phuket Resorts existing units.

Management fees for the residences vary based on total area of the property. Please refer to the table below for the approximate breakdown of fees: